A black girl who acts white.
Girl 1: That girl always listens to twenty-one pilots.
Girl 2: She is such a Laniah.
by WordLordOf Time December 08, 2015
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A beautiful chocolate girl with , big ,plump,wet lips and a nice slim thick body. If you ever get her , make sure you make her very happy cause she's a keeper. She can be clingy sometimes but that's just because she loves you. She will always love to cuddle and is the most trustworthy person you'll ever meet. The literal definition of loyal is Laniah.
dude 1 :who's that pretty girl with the hot bod?she finesse
dude 2 : that's Laniah,and I call dibs on her !
dude 1: whatever I'm gonna do whatever it takes to have her.
by ,Laniah August 15, 2019
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