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A banana hat is mandatory at Charlie's parties.

Make sure you wear a banana hat if you're gonna mess around with Ava.
by JYC83 December 12, 2009
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A slang word used to refer to a condom. Usually refers to a condom which is a complete spoof or is ridiculously short. Can be found in cheap thrift stores around China and in your uncle's sock drawer.
Fuckboy 1: Hey bro, I pegged this girl I met in a bar last night in the ass. It was the most wonderful anal sex I've ever had.
Fuckboy 2: Man, I got drunk and did the same to some random bitch off the street. It turns out, I got a banana hat instead of an actual working condom. Now she's fucking preganant.
Fuckboy 1: That's why you always go anal. No banana hats to worry about.
by GoingInDry August 14, 2019
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