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Anaisha is smart in both ways as in good or bad . She is oftenly popular. And she is very attractive. (Boys oftenly get crushes on Anaisha)
Teacher: What is 5×(6+8)
Another student:65
Anaisha:Are you dumb?? Its 70..
C'mon now!!!
by Kazelle Lynnerd December 27, 2016
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Anaisha is nonchalant she is pretty, popular and athletic she doesn’t like drama because that’s not her cup of tea she is very laid back, Anaisha also haves a very goofy personality boys often like her she’s very easy to like.

Anaisha has good taste in clothing and shoes.

Anaisha is nice but also mean she knows what she wants and is very smart.

Anaisha is focused on making money and becoming successful.

Anaisha will stay real with you no matter what.
Boys: “ Anaisha a fine jawn...”
Yuurr! Shortie what the deal.?”
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