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A singer/artist/songwriter. His first song was ‘King Charles’.

Many people think they’re a band, but they’re not. He always has the same guitarist and drummer but they’re still not a band.

The genre is rock/hip hop.

His shows are the best shows ever and I loved it. He’s so kind and has such great positive energy. A lot of energy, also. He’s the best performer ever.
I really love YUNGBLUD... he’s the best. He’s going to be very famous soon. He’s pretty famous now.
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by Sjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee February 26, 2019
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Basically the hottest dood alive. His real name is Dominic Richard Harrison II. Many people say he has too much energy, but according to him, it's just "Good ol' ADHD." He needs to be more recognized for his music that makes you wanna kill yourself, but also to dance at the same time. His hair is MENTAL and it could make the music itself. Like I said... The HOTTEST dood alive.
"YUNGBLUD is really hot. Halsey is a lucky girl."
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by Smol Emo Child April 28, 2019
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A band of three who tour around the world and love the Arctic Monkeys. Always have Africa by Toto playing wherever they are. One of them is obsessed with beans on toast and another's wig is always snatched. The band always play sick shows. Have meet and greets to all their shows. All their songs have meanings to them. They are underrated and deserve all the success. They absolutely LOVE sunglasses. They're one of the best bands to see live.
Support the idea of using your voice to make a change in the world. Their music continue to make an impact on several people's lives.
You should listen to Yungblud they are so good !!
Omg i love Yungblud !
Yungblud needs to release the studio version for Casual Sabotage issa need !!
by parkhillldom September 29, 2018
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