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One of those people who seem abrasive and rude all the time, but once you get to know them turn out to be a kind, caring, listening individual. In large groups will always be the jokester but one-on-one will melt your heart. May take awhile to fall for him but once you do there's no going back A good Xavier is someone you want to have around.
Ugh! That guy is so rude!

Nah, wait until you become his friend, he's such a Xavier.
by im mad brad April 10, 2017
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Generous, kind, loving, caring, very hot, down to earth, beautiful, funny, someone who will make you change your way of life or make you realize deep inner feelings, very good listener.

A Xavier is a person, mostly a male, who lectures people on how to become a better human being. A Xavier is mostly always right, they always have the right things to say at the right time. Very funny, talented and hot a Xavier tend to be good at everything they do, from sports to cooking to general every day things. Often know as having a big penis, a Xavier will satisfy any women. Very open minded and creative they are a pleasure to be around.
A Xavier tend to know what they want although will change their mind very fast if the situation gets too intense.

They are very lovable, kind and generous.
They don't understand the importance they have in other people lives and they don't seem to realize that they are being loved by everyone who meets them.
A Xavier takes your breath away and leaves you speechless. And has a way of making your heart melt like no one else ever will.
That guy is always right, he must be a Xavier.

I just realize what I really want, must have been because of Xavier.

This guy is as intelligent as Xavier.
by peeweee12345 September 21, 2010
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A person (typically male) that appears as a mysterious person. On the out side he is fairly attractive and clean yet he never seems to talk much. They are highly romantic and sensitive to their partner's feelings. Although, usually shy, if they are in a small group, they open right up to show their naturally comedic nature. They are excellent lovers and never cheat (even if their partner cheats). They usually become attatched to people that show them kindness, but thats what they do. They have an extremly active imagination and can be good in bed. They are athletic in many things but also get bored easily. They are extremely intelligent but tend not to show it because they are always worried what people think about them. But many people dont think about them because they tend to disappear easily, but also reappear out of nowhere. Xaviers may seem weird at first, but once you get to know one for real, you'll love it.
<sabrina> hey, who is that guy?
<Amy> Oh my god Sabrina, thats Xavier. He sits next to you in chemistry.
<sabrina> hmm... never noticed... how is he
<amy> he seems shy at first, but once you get to know him, he's a blast.
by Wow. Such black. December 05, 2013
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Xavier is a complicated person. He’s someone you can rely on at all times. He’s nice, caring, sweet, generous, funny, and sometimes a little bit dorky. An Xavier is either really tall or really short. Rarely in the middle. He usually always has good intentions but occasionally fucks shit up. However he always fixes his mistakes and that’s what makes him so special. He’s extremely awkward and dorky at love, even quirky. But once you get to know him, you will truly see what a gentle, caring, gut he is! Sometimes it takes a while for him to get comfortable, but once he does you will see a completely different side of him. When he’s in a awkward situation he laughs like a dork. Once he does find someone he truly loves he will hold onto that person and not betray their trust. However one of his biggest fears of getting close to someone and them cheating or betraying their trust. Specifically his significant other
“He’s so sweet!”
Yeah...he has to be an Xavier!”
by 💫⚡️Entity⚡️💫 March 17, 2019
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Xavier is a nice, sweet, kind, caring guy who any girl would fall for. He might seem to be a flirt at first, but once you get to know him hes a great guy who would never hurt anyone. Hes cute and hot and has the most adorable voice ever. He has a cute laugh and hes in shape. The only down side to Xavier is he can never be wrong, but sometimes that can be a good thing. He is the only guy who can make you turn red and make your face feel all hot by being so sweet all of the time. Hes a great person and a amazing friend. Any girl would be lucky to have his attention.
Wow Xavier is so cute. He makes me so nervous i never know what to say when im around him.

Xavier could get any girl he wants, im just glad i get some of his attention.

Xavier makes me feel so special, and he gives great hugs!
by <3 julie March 12, 2011
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a awesome self loving guy who in seconds will melt any girl (or guy) that looks at him
he's sexy
great in bed
lover to the max
and a fell good magnet

he loves all and hates all
can appear out of nowhere

is there for you at all times
can talk in thrid person
tenille-'xavier is so kinky'

bob - xavier's so hot

xavier - 'if i wasn't him i would love him myself
by charles xavier for the x June 24, 2012
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A nice dude, he will normally struggle at life’s easiest problems, from tying his shoe up to asking a girl out. Or though he means well he seems to always say the wrong thing. Do not doubt, this guy is legend
“You have fucked it up again Xavier”
by 'Otter' September 11, 2018
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