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(S)uckas - (I)dolizing - (M)ediocre - (P)ussy -- Basically someone who gives redundant and over the top attention to women that are of far less value than the attention or praise given. Usually the recipient of this praise is knowing of this and is taking full advantage knowing this fact.....Thus the term "sucka" is the main attribute and usually the results in the pending downfall of this kind of man.
This SIMP is acting a damn fool for these stupid ass hoes!
by DJ METAF4 May 18, 2015
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•A man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table.

•A man that puts too much value on a female for no reason .

•A man that prides himself with "Chivalry" in hopes of getting sexual gratification form women .

•A square with no game other than “Rolling out the Red-Carpet” for every female.
The perfect example of a "Simp" Man would be:

The role Eddy Murphy played in the movie "Norbit",

The role of Kevin James in the show "Kind of Queens",

A "Yes Dear, Man" Simp
by MackDamage December 07, 2012
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Guys chasing women who already have 2/3/4 baby daddies and the guys think that they have hit the jackpot.

One guy makes a comment about women and other guys get their panties in a bunch, get upset, want to fight etc.
by Augustus Fink-Nottle October 07, 2013
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A man who puts women on a pedastal when she clearly doesn't deserve it. He thinks all women are victims and they barely do any wrong. He usually does this to gain favor with women aka try to have sex with her.

Most simps grew up in a single mother home and family is mostly dominated by women. So since he had close to zero men to look up to growing up he began relating and sympothizing more with women.

For example, a woman can have slept with half of her coworkers and instead of labeling her a hoe he will say something a long the lines of "shes a good women. Her coworkers are wrong for taking advantage of her."
Man, that dudes girlfriend cheated on him twice and he still dating her. He a simp.

That girls boyfriend is a simp. He agrees with damn near everything she does and says even when she is wrong.
by Greatness08 February 16, 2014
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A simp is a dude who can't get pussy on his own accord. Most often he goes around and offers a shoulder to cry on to women in order to get with them. A simp will pay phone bills, buy gifts and act like a bitch in general just to sleep with women. A true simp will even sleep with his best friend's girl. In essence he chases after mediocre to below average pussy from females who probably deserve whatever they are getting. (SOMEONE IDOLIZING MEDIOCRE PUSSY) Simps are sell outs, punks, and laughable. They are bottom feeders who can't use their own skills to get it, so they prey on females who should just be left alone to deal with whatever they created. They are the worst type of lames and should be avoided at all costs.
Look at dude...he is trying to get with ol girl knowing good and well that's his cousin just broke up with her. What a simp.
by cgs019 September 27, 2015
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Simp or S.I.M.P stands for: Someone Idolizing Mediocre Pussy.

1.)A man who thinks a woman with 2 or more bastard children is a high quality woman.
2.)A boy/man who lives with/off of a woman because of his weak position in life.
3.)A man who otherwise can't get a high quality woman so he speaks highly of(lies to) low class women(hoes, chicken heads, hoodrats, babbymammas) to increase his chances of having sex with them by mostly agreeing with them no matter how foolish they are.
4.) A man who thinks that fat, ugly, unattractive women are just as good or on the same level as any other woman.
5.)Bitch raised boy/man, with no fatherly influence. In his eyes all women are good no matter what, they do or say. A man who is beholden to women due to lack of intellect or common sense.
-Dude lives with a gal who has 2 kids by 2 different [email protected]@az, ya boy is a simp!
-He married a fat hoe with 3 babbydaddys, simpazz nicca.
Man/Simp: You can't call women bitches, you should treat all women like queens!
by Feelmoreslim July 03, 2014
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A simp is a vagina that looks like Homer Simpsons mouth.
Autumn sure has a nice simp.
by Mr_EG0 November 30, 2016
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