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Roch is a shortened version of the name of the city Rochester, Minnesota. The Roch metropolitan area spans many smaller towns and communities. A quick way to tell if a person is from one of these smaller towns is if they actually us this word and refer to Rochester as Roch. No one from Rochester actually uses the word Roch. People from Rochester would refer to the city by it's name, or in slang terms the 507, referring to the entire area code of southern MN.
Small towner 1: I'm headed into Roch for a party tonight, it's gonna b sick.

Small towner 2: Hell yea bro, these Kasson corn field parties suck, Roch is awesome.

Rochesterite: God you guys are posers.

Small Towner 1: Whatev, let's go kill some time in Roch and cruise broadway.
by Itscoldhere March 28, 2012
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1. To get beaten, to get done, had or coned

2. To have something stolen

Derived from ''Rochdale'' when Leyton Orient got beaten by them 4-1.
1. Damn we just got roched by Rochdale.

2. I am going to roch a car tonight
by Leyton_1000 August 21, 2005
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1. The reverse orgasm, the opposite feeling of an orgasm. (= extreme disgust)The reciprocal feeling you get orgasm
2. To fart
1. (Tom, Judy and Anamarie are sitting in a room, Anamarie vomits on Toms face), judy: Roch!
2. He roched all over my face
by Joe Vlack December 19, 2007
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a name for a man thats being a hoe and harassing girls.
girl:wow did you see max he was being a roch im stay away from him
by xxwxx March 09, 2019
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Rotten x Rich
Rich & Rotten
Rotten in riches
Filthy Rotten rich
Rotten Rich forever In a good way.
He said " we are gonna be roch in wealth forever"
by GFresh February 08, 2019
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