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Aidan is the King of All, his power is immeasurable, he cannot be beaten, when god made him, god made him with the purpose to kill himself.

He is more powerful than The Dainel.

Shaggy fears him.

He is the father of Matt.

He has the largest dick.

Has taken all virgins virginity. (Except guys, hes not gay)

The supreme being of divine power.

God among gods.
"Oh no, Aidans coming. This is the end." - Thanos
by Your mom 69 420 April 16, 2019
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A really nice guy who is always truthful and caring. His personality is always the best. He's always kind, and his smiles are always genuine. If he likes you, then you're a very lucky person.
Aidan means "little fire" or "fiery one" in Irish. He's very energetic and loves to play video games and swirl in his chair. He loves to listen to music and draws what he hears. He is a very awesome person.
As Aidan heard a remix of a song, he smiled wide, and the smile reached his eyes.
by Natalie Bates April 11, 2015
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The most perfect boy imaginable. Sweet, understanding, funny, and kind. Never one to let you down, and always one to keep you smiling. The best boyfriend, or friend, anyone could ever ask for. Simply perfect.
Aidan smiles and is nice to everyone.
by tennis421 August 23, 2012
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Meaning "Fiery" in Gaelic, this name tends to be reserved for boys. Often times, those with the name Aidan are caring, and will cause you, without fail, to smile whenever you are down. "Aidan" may seem strange at first, but quickly you discover that he is very easy to love.
"He seems weird"
"Maybe, but I love him. He always makes me smile. His name's Aidan"
by Lady Karina February 04, 2012
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Aidan is cute, smart in his own way, funny, I can never frown when talking to him, he's innocent and after just meeting him you feel closer to him than pretty much anyone else you know. When talking to him you'll never run out of words to say, what can I say? ..He's perfect.(:
"Shaniquaa, who is that sexayy maynee?"
"His name is Aidan, guurrrlll."
"Aidan, wow, what an amazing specie of men!"
by K5683 February 25, 2010
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